To ensure hassle-free installation and enjoyment of our products, please take the time to read these guidelines carefully. The information is critical for the proper installation and longevity of our products.

We are not responsible for damage resulting from (a) use of improper screws, screw size or screw length, (b) improper cutting of screws, (c) inaccurately drilled holes due to wrong measurement(s), or (d) improper installation in general.

Also, we are not responsible for finish deterioration or damage resulting from (a) use of unsuitable cleaning materials or methods, (b) exterior installation in any kind of outdoor or marine environment, or (c) interior installation in any area with prolonged exposure to humid and/or salty air.


When installing handles, always measure the hole center distance in millimeters only and verify accuracy prior to drilling holes. The recommended drillbit size is 3/16" or 5mm.

When installing rail pulls (44 series, 45 series) please be aware that in a standard installation pulls are mounted horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors. For horizontal installation on door as well, pulls may have to be at least one size shorter in order to allow sufficient space between the end of the pull bar and the edge of the door on the hinged side. Depending on the placement of doors in the overall kitchen layout and the opening angle of the door hinges, that space may be imperative to ensure that pulls do not obstruct a door's "normal" opening function by being positioned too close to the edge of the door. Please check your particular installation scenario and verify all pull lengths for your application prior to drilling holes.


For cleaning, we only endorse the use of a soft, damp, non-abrasive cloth or sponge and mild soap, if necessary. When called for, our items have a protective high-quality, 2-component lacquer coating. This particular type of lacquer coating is very durable but will be impaired or destroyed if subjected to solvents of any kind, harsh chemicals or abrasive substances and polishing liquids or pastes. If any such substance is used, the resulting damage may not be visible immediately but only become apparent over time, as the coating deteriorates or disintegrates.

We will not accept returns and request for free replacement or credit for any damage resulting from improper care.


All of our handles and knobs require the use of M4 metric machine screws. Convenient "break-off" screws are included free or charge with every order. These screws are 62 mm (2-7/16") long and can be cut at different increments for the most common panel thicknesses. See illustration below. Please make sure to cut screws accurately at one of the increments only. Attempting to use an improperly cut screw will damage the tapping in a handle or knob. An improperly cut screw will quickly get stuck and eventually snap if force is used, rendering the handle or knob useless.


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